About Us

Here at Warwickshire Clothing, we are all about the outdoors, we are a committed team who strive to ensure you the finest quality of outdoor clothing at low prices. The outdoors and travel are two of the worlds greatest experiences and to maximise your experience to the best it can be, we provide outdoor clothing knowing its of the highest quality and at a great price that is affordable to you. Everyone that works at warwickshire clothing are outdoor enthusiasts, we have all developed a love for the outdoors and hope for you to be able to experience that with us. if you are planning on hiking in Cumbria strolling around the Lake District, camping in Northern Scottland or trekking across Europe we want to offer you the best deals on what you'll need for an unforgettable experience. This is how we came about creating warwickshire clothing. Our moto is simple

"theres no such thing as bad weather, Just incorrect clothing!"

And we agree with it 100%! The clothing range we offer is practical, durable and weather suited and has been proven adequate for outdoor-lovers.  We abide by the policy of "affordable and effective" which means everyone is happy and theres no lack in quality.

Furthermore at Warwickshire Clothing, we are delighted to have a group of hard working staff who never fail to show their dedication and prove their loyalty. From our E-commerce team that look after our site, The packing team that look after your orders and our Customer Service team that are always ready to help you out over the phone or email to get you on your next outdoor journey to ensure you receive your product in an organised and timely manner. Everyone here works with full determination because without them we wouldnt be where we are today. 

We are a family company and proud, we were founded in 1975 under the name of Rana Textiles Limited. It started off as a small business shop located on busy road by a great man, only slowly growing and selling simply self tailored, quality goods. Years passed and the business grew. It is only thanks to sheer determination, loyalty and hard work of those who have contributed to this business that we are where we are today. Keeping our roots in mind and expanding further to the internet in 2003 that took us to where we are today. For the future, we aim to keep providing "Quality and affordable" outdoor goods to not only keep the outdoor-lovers active and equipped but to also encourage the coming generations to step outside and fall in love with nature, experience and travel just like us.

Stay outdoors, stay warm and buy with confidence.