Easy food ideas for camping

Food ideas for campingWe all know how hard it is to cook when you’re not in your kitchen, let alone doing it whilst camping!  Warwickshire clothing have come up with a few easy food ideas for camping so you can spend less time cooking and more time enjoying the great outdoors!

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How to make a quick delicious brunch for the whole family

To make the perfect camping breakfast or brunch, you will need the Gelert Portable Camping Gas Stove. Safe, easy to use and lightweight this stove is a bargain purchase.

You will also need a trusty non-stick frying pan.

Our easy life-hack means that you can make delicious pancakes on the go.

Create a pancake batter at home, seal closed in a zip lock bag and freeze the mixture overnight. By the time you need it, the batter is thawed and ready to use.  Tip the batter to the corner of the bag, cut the pointed end and you have a dispenser for perfectly formed pancakes, too!

Once you have fried your delicious pancakes, add bacon and eggs to the pan and cook until crispy and sunny side up.

And there you have it, the perfect breakfast from the comfort of your campsite. For an extra bit of flavour, why not drizzle your meal with maple syrup?

Once your food is cooked, there is no better way to enjoy a family meal than sitting around the table chatting. For a compact and sturdy dining table, why not consider the Regatta Cena Folding Table?

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