Camping Guide

We know that you would love to pitch your tent surrounded by nature, lusting to see the stunning mornings In Lake Windermere in the Lake District to the smell of burning wood by the campfire as you tell a tale or enjoy time with friends. But do you know how to go about it? Can camping really be that simple?

It’s frustrating when you think “how will I cook everything”, “will the kids enjoy it?” “I’ve never even put a tent up before” Don’t worry we have you covered so you don’t have to worry about a thing everything below will be explained. We have put together friendly way from the Essentials you will need, common issues and a checklist. In this guide we are going to cover the basics in this guide for the everyday camper.

The Tent

First and foremost you will need: The tent. The tent market is just like the car market, there are many brands and styles to choose from we would always recommend that you choose one that suits your needs. We all want the best tent on the market but think to yourself, How oftern am I going to use it? And What environment’s am I going to be in?

Pitching your tent

When it comes to pitching a tent everyone assumes it will be the most complicated thing to do. But it doesn’t have to be complicated, make sure you read the instructions that are provided and do a test pitch before you go away.

Camping Equipment

Once you have pitched your tent you’re going to need equipment to fill your tent such as, sleeping bags, sleeping mats and cooking equipment.

Sleeping Bags

Even in the warm summer months the temperature can drop quickly overnight, so keep in mind when selecting a sleeping bag that it is adequately insulated for these occasions. We all like to get the best deal but make sure you are not choosing value over features as a good night sleep camping goes a long way.

Sleeping Mats

Although they are not essential sleeping mats are a great addition to your camping equipment, Sleeping mats not only provide extra comfort they also lock in heat that could be lost when sleeping on the ground.

Cooking equipment

Depending on where you are camping sometimes facilities are supplied on site if you are so fortunate, but if not it’s always a good plan to take a small portable gas stove for cooking. there has been massive advancement over the years when it comes to camping cooking equipment so don’t think you will have to lug around a lot to cook up a great meal.

Your Checklist

Just like popping to do your weekly shop, we are all prone to forgetting a few things. But when campings its always good to make sure you haven’t forgot anything as it could make or break your camping experience. altho

Shelter and warmth Checklist
Spare pegs    
Tent repair kit    
Sleeping bag    
Sleeping mat or camp bed    
Air Pump if needed for your airbed    

Kitchen Checklist
Fuel (Gas etc.)    
Matches / lighters    
Cool box and ice blocks if needed    
Pots and pans    
Chopping boards    
Plates and bowls    
Knives, forks, spoons    
Dish cloths/Sponge    
Tea towels    
Washing up liquid    
Washing up bowl    
Rubbish bags    
Wooden spoon    
Tin opener    
Bottle opener    

Bathroom Checklist
Shower gel / Soap    
Shaving gel   
Toilet paper    

Misc  Checklist
First aid kit    
Torch and/or Headtorch    
Hand sanitiser gel    
Sun lotion    
Repair kit containing paracord,
gaffa tape, cable ties, elastic cord,
sewing kit    
Insect repellent