How should I wash my Waterproof Garment?

We strongly recommend that you follow the care symbols on the inner label when washing your Items. It is advised that you use reproofers when washing items that suggest this and avoid using biological washing powders or fabric conditioners, This can cause damage and may leave a residue that could affect the breath ability of your garment and contaminate the water repellant finish.

How can I remove stains like oil and grease?

It is important to avoid using a commercial stain remover to erase stains on waterproof garments, as the waterproof garment you have purchased may NOT be resistant to chemicals. If you are unsure refer to the care label. This method may not remove oil and grease, but using a stain-removing product or biological washing powder will cause your item damage.

Do I really need to reproof my garment?

Taking care of your garment is a key part in keeping it in tact and improving its technical performance when following the steps on the care label.

What is the life span of a waterproof garment?

The life expectancy of Waterproof garments depend on the manufacture, However making sure you reproof your garment on a regular basis will insure it has a long life during its outdoor adventure, Regatta for example offer a 3 year guarantee on all there ISOTEX Garments.